Industrial Camera Enclosure CH50 - IP69

+ IP69 new
+ Enclosed aluminum design
+ Glass 35 mm borosilicate N-BK7 with anti-reflection coating MgF2 (transm 390-700 nm)
+ Universal camera mount for 27x27 ~ 31x31, 40x30 mm
+ The possibility of producing an atypical enclosure length
+ Includes camera mount and camera holder
Manufacturer: Argutec
SKU: ch50
Delivery date: 3 working days
€230.69 excl tax




The rugged industrial camera housing provides increased protection of the industrial camera not only from mechanical damage. Another level of industrial camera enclosure protection is against dirt and grease. Special designs and seals provide IP69 resistance.

The Argutec enclosure is quick and simple. Even when replacing the lens or camera, there is no need to remove the housing at the installation site. Watch the video:

When used in industry, the enclosure protects the industrial camera and lens from damage. It can be caused not only by the mechanical part of the line, but also by high temperature, dust or water.



Another level of protection is against dirt and grease. Special designs and seals provide IP69 resistance to pressurized water.

IP69 (IP69K)

Our Enclosure CH50 has been certified to IP66 from the beginning, ie especially for industrial environments where pressurized water is present.
Due to the increasing demand for installation in food operations, the CH50 enclosure has now passed IP69 certification without any design changes.
The test for IP69 certification according to EN 60529 is the same as the test for IP69K certification according to ISO 20653.

We demonstrated the certainty on the Amper show 2019, where we immersed the cover with a functional camera for a full 5 days.

Passive cooling as secondary camera protection

The camera temperature is significantly reduced only by passive cooling of the CH50 enclosure. It can be seen from the temperature profile that the CH50 enclosure maintains a lower camera temperature. There is a significant effect on the lens, when without the use of an enclosure, practically all the heat of the camera is transferred to the lens, but when heat is removed by the enclosure, the lens still remains a bit cooler.

CH50 - IR image

CH50 - IR graf

Price is for 1 pc (€ 230,69 VAT excl.). For ordering 10+ pcs or regularly using enclosures for your projects contact us for an individual offer:

Enclosure size and camera mount

When ordering, please consider ordering an atypical enclosure length. The standard length is 130 mm, where the front part is 50 mm and the rear part 80 mm. Depending on the size of the camera you are using, there may not be enough space in the enclosure for the connector, and the lens used may also require more space. We will deliver the atypical length enclosure to you within a week and usually with a surcharge of 10%. The picture shows a comparison of a hosing of an atypical length of 180 mm (80 + 100) compared to a standard length of 130 mm (50 + 80).

CH50 - 80 front + 100 back

The camera is mounted to the internal mounting part with 2 screws (standard M2, optional M3). These screws are only used to center the camera and lock it. As standard, the mount is ready for M2 x 18 mm and a list of cameras is given below. For other cameras, please specify in the order the type of camera to prepare the correct pitch 2xM3. The fixed mounting of the camera inside is secured against movement even in the event of high vibrations by means of pressure using a special pressure part, which is also part of the delivery.

Standard camera mount:







ace acA640 ace 2 a2A1920 Cognex CIC-10MR Mako G-030 Guppy PRO F-125
ace acA720 ace 2 a2A2448 Cognex CIC-1300 Mako G-032 Guppy PRO F-146
ace acA780 ace 2 a2A2590 Cognex CIC-2000 Mako G-040 Guppy PRO F-201
ace acA800 ace 2 a2A2840 Cognex CIC-300 Mako G-152  
ace acA1300 ace 2 a2A3840 Cognex CIC-4000 Mako G-131


ace acA1440 ace 2 a2A4096 Cognex CIC-5MR/5000 Mako G-158 Triton TRI200S
ace acA1600 ace 2 a2A4504   Mako G-192 Triton TRI120S
ace acA1920 ace 2 a2A5320


Mako G-223 Triton TRI122S
ace acA2000 ace 2 a2A5328 FLIR Blackfly Mako G-234 Triton TRI089S
ace acA2040   FLIR Blackfly S Mako G-319 Triton TRI071S
ace acA2440   FLIR Flea3 Mako G-419 Triton TRI064S
ace acA2500     Mako G-503 Triton TRI050S
ace acA3088  


Mako G-507 Triton TRI032S
ace acA3800   CV-3000 CV-035 Mako U-029 Triton TRI028S
ace acA4024   CV-3000 CV-200 Mako U-051  Triton TRI023S
ace acA4600   CV-5000 CV-H500 Mako U-130  Triton TRI016S
ace acA5472     Mako U-503  Triton TRI004S
ace acA4096     Guppy F-033 Triton TRI02KA
ace acA4112     Guppy F-046 Phoenix PHX200S
MED ace 2.3     Guppy F-080 Phoenix PHX120S
MED ace 5.1     Guppy F-146 Phoenix PHX089S
MED ace 5.3     Guppy PRO F-031  
MED ace 8.9     Guppy PRO F-032  
MED ace 12.3     Guppy PRO F-033  
MED ace 20.0     Guppy PRO F-046  






DxK 33UJ003 uEye xx-5040CP MER2-302-37G MER-503-20G (P) VCXU 123
DxK 23UM021 uEye GV-5080CP-P MER2-202-60G MER-200-20G (P) VCXU 124
DxK 23UV024 uEye xx-5240CP ME2P-2621-15U3 MER-132-43x VCXU 125
DxK 23UP031 uEye xx-5250CP ME2P-1230-23U3 MER-131-75G (P) VCXU 13
DxK xxUX174 uEye xx-5260CP MER2-2000-19U3 MER-125-30x VCXU 15
DxK 33UX178 uEye xx-5270CP MER2-1220-32U3 MER-050-200G (P) VCXU 201
DxK 33UX183 uEye xx-5280CP MER2-503-36U3 MER-032-120G (P) VCXU 22
DxK 33UX226 uEye xx-5480CP MER2-502-79U3 MER-031-300G (P) VCXU 23
DxK 23UX236 uEye xx-5580CP MER2-301-125U3 MER-030-120x VCXU 24
DxK x3UX249 uEye xx-5860CP MER-1220-32U3 (L) MER-130-30U (L) VCXU 25
DxK 33xX250 uEye xx-5880CP MER-160-227U3 (L) MER-500-7U (L) VCXU 31
DxK 33UX252 uEye GV-5890CP MER-041-436U3 (L) MER-310-12U (L) VCXU 32
DxK 33UX264 uEye Ux-3040CP MER-2000-19U3 (L) MER-132-30U (L) VCXU 50
DxK 33UX265 uEye Ux-3060CP  MER-630-60U3 (L) MER-040-30U (L) VCXU 51
DxK 33UX273 uEye Ux-3070CP MER-051-120x   VCXU 53
DxK 23U274 uEye Ux-3080CP MER-1810-21U3 (L)


DxK 33UX287 uEye U3-3080CP-P MER-1520-13U3 (L) VEXG 02 VCXU 90
DxK 33UX290 uEye Ux-3260CP MER-1070-14U3 (L) VEXG 100 VCXU 91
DxK 23U445 uEye Ux-3270CP MER-503-36U3 (L) VEXG 13  
DxK 23U618 uEye Ux-3280CP MER-502-79U3 (L) VEXG 25  
DxK x3UP1300 uEye U3-3800CP MER-500-14x VEXG 52  
DxK 33UP2000 uEye Ux-3860CP MER-302-56U3 (L) VEXG 24  
DxK 33UP5000 uEye Ux-3880CP MER-301-125U3 (L) VCXG 02  
  uEye U3-3890CP MER-231-41x VCXG 04  
  uEye UI-3130CP MER-230-168U3 (L) VCXG 124 (.I. = no!)  
  uEye UI-3140CP MER-134-93U3 (L) VCXG 125  
  uEye UI-3160CP MER-133-54x VCXG 13  
  uEye UI-3180CP MER-131-210U3 (L) VCXG 15 (.I. = no!)  
  uEye UI-3220CP MER-050-560U3 (L) VCXG 201  
  uEye UI-3240CP MER-031-860U3 (L) VCXG 22  
  uEye UI-3250CP MER-041-302G (P) VCXG 23  
  uEye UI-3360CP MER-1220-9G (P) VCXG 24  
  uEye UI-3370CP MER-630-16G (P) VCXG 25  
  uEye UI-3480CP MER-232-48G (P) VCXG 32 (.I. = no!)  
  uEye UI-3580CP MER-201-25G (P) VCXG 50  
  uEye UI-3590CP MER-2000-5G (P) VCXG 51 (.I. = no!)  
  uEye UI-5130CP MER-1520-7G (P) VCXG 53  
  uEye UI-5140CP MER-1070-10G (P) VCXG 65  
  uEye UI-5220CP MER-531-20G (P) VCXG 91  
  uEye UI-5360CP MER-530-20G (P) VCXU 02  
  uEye UI-5370CP MER-504-10G (P) VCXU 04  


Optional camera mount:




Others *

IN-SIGHT 8000* Firefly DL*  
IN-SIGHT 8200* Firefly S*  
IN-SIGHT 8400*    
IN-SIGHT 8401*    
IN-SIGHT 8402*    
IN-SIGHT 8405*    

* please specify the exact type of camera in the order.

Products specifications
IP Rating IP69/IP69K
Dimension (W x D x H) 173 x 56 x 56
Weight 600g including camera mount and holder