Industrial Camera Enclosure CH87

+ IP66
+ Enclosed aluminum design
+ Camera mount
+ The possibility of producing an atypical cover length
Manufacturer: Argutec
Delivery date: 12 weeks
€426.89 excl tax




The CH87 Industrial Camera Enclosure allows installation of industrial cameras bigger then 31x31 mm.

The rugged industrial camera housing provides increased protection of the industrial camera not only from mechanical damage. Another level of industrial camera enclosure protection is against dirt and grease. Special designs and seals provide IP66 resistance to pressurized water.

Thanks to solid aluminum, it also serves as basic passive cooling.

Price is for 1 pc (427€ VAT excl.). Minimum order at the moment is 30 pcs with delivery 3 months.:

For example for cameras:







Basler ace acA4096 Basler pilot piA1600 Cognex CIC-2900 Flir Firewire Optris IR PI 05M * Keyence CX-V CA-H2100
Basler ace acA4112 Basler pilot piA2400 Cognex CIC-4KL Flir Gazelle Optris IR PI 160 *  
Basler beat beA4000 Basler pilot piA640 Cognex CIC-5000 Flir Grasshopper2 Optris IR PI 1M *  
Basler MED ace 12.3 Basler racer raL12288   Flir Grasshopper3 Optris IR PI 200 *  
Basler MED ace 8.9 Basler racer raL2048   Flir Chameleon3 Optris IR PI 230 *  
Basler pilot piA1000 Basler racer raL4096   Flir IR A35 * Optris IR PI 400i *  
  Basler racer raL6144   Flir IR A65 * Optris IR PI 450 G7 *  
  Basler racer raL8192   Flir Oryx Optris IR PI 450i *  
  Basler runner ruL2048   Flir USB2 Optris IR PI 640 *  
  Basler runner ruL2098     Optris IR PI 640 G7 *  
  Basler scout scA1300        
  Basler scout scA1400        
  Basler scout scA1600        
  Basler scout scA640        
  Basler scout scA750        

* For infrared cameras, the required glass / germanium material must be specified in the order.

Products specifications
IP Rating IP66