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Argutec, s.r.o., Na Nivach 1339/4, Ostrava-Zabreh, 700 30

INR: 29453721, VAT: CZ29453721

for the sale of products through an e-shop


1.1.       These terms and conditions (as „conditions“) Argutec, s.r.o. INR: 29453721 (as „seller“) govern mutual rights and obligations of the parties arising from the purchase contract (as „contract“) concluded between the seller and buyer (as „buyer“) through the seller's online store (as „eshop“).

1.3.       Provisions deviating from the terms and conditions can be agreed in the purchase contract. Divergent provisions in the sales contract shall take precedence over the provisions of the Terms and Conditions.

1.4.       The provisions of the Terms and Conditions form an integral part of the purchase contract.

1.5.       The Seller may change or supplement the wording of the Terms and Conditions. This provision shall be without prejudice to rights and obligations arising during the effective date of the previous version of the Terms and Conditions.


2.1.       Based on the buyer's registration on the website, the buyer can access his user interface (as „user account“). From its user interface, the buyer can order products. If the web interface allows it, the buyer can also order goods without registration directly from the web interface.

2.2.       When registering on the website and ordering goods, the buyer is obliged to provide correct and truthful information. The Buyer is obliged to update the data entered in the user account upon any change. The data provided by the buyer in the user account and when ordering goods are considered correct by the seller.

2.3.      Access to the user account is secured by a user name and password. The Buyer is obliged to maintain confidentiality regarding the information necessary to access his user account.

2.4.       The Buyer is not entitled to allow the use of the user account by third parties.

2.5.       The seller may cancel the user account, especially if the buyer has not used his user account for more than a year, or if the buyer breaches his obligations under the purchase contract (including terms and conditions).

2.6.      The Buyer acknowledges that the user account may not be available at all times, especially with regard to the necessary maintenance of the hardware and software equipment of the Seller, respectively. necessary maintenance of third party hardware and software.


3.1.       All presentation of goods placed in the web interface of the shop is of informative character and the seller is not obliged to conclude a purchase contract.

3.2.       The web interface of the store contains information about the goods, including the prices of individual goods. Prices of goods remain valid as long as they are displayed in the web interface of the shop. This provision does not limit the seller's ability to conclude a purchase contract under individually negotiated conditions.

3.3.       The web interface also contains information about the costs associated with packaging and delivery.

3.4.       To order goods, the buyer fills in the order form in the web interface of the shop. The order form shall contain, in particular, information:

3.4.1.    ordered products (buyer "inserts" the ordered products into the electronic shopping cart of the web interface of the eshop),

3.4.2.    payment method of the purchase price of the products, information on the required method of delivery of the ordered goods and

3.4.3.    informace o nákladech spojených s dodáním zboží (together they form „order“).

3.5.       Before sending the order to the seller, the buyer is allowed to check and change the data entered into the order by the buyer, also with regard to the buyer's ability to detect and correct errors caused by entering data into the order. The buyer sends the order to the seller by clicking on the "Finish order" button. The data listed in the order they are deemed correct by the seller. The Seller shall confirm the receipt to the Buyer immediately after receiving the order by e-mail to the Buyer's e-mail address specified in the user account or in the order. (as „buyers email“).

3.6.       Depending on the nature of the order (quantity of goods, purchase price, estimated shipping costs), the seller is always entitled to ask the buyer for additional confirmation of the order (eg in writing or by telephone).

3.7.       The contractual relationship between the Seller and the Buyer arises upon delivery of the acceptance of the order (acceptance), which the Seller sends to the Buyer by e-mail to the Buyer's e-mail address.

3.8.       The buyer agrees to the use of means of distance communication when concluding the purchase contract. The costs incurred by the Buyer when using the means of distance communication in connection with the conclusion of the Purchase Agreement (costs of internet connection, costs of telephone calls) shall be borne by the Buyer, which costs do not differ from the standard rate.


4.1.       Together with the purchase price, the buyer is obliged to pay to the seller also the costs associated with packaging and delivery of goods in the agreed amount. Unless expressly stated otherwise, the purchase price also includes the costs associated with the delivery of goods.

4.2.       The Seller does not require the Buyer to pay a deposit or other similar payment. This is without prejudice to the provisions of art. 4.6 of the Terms and Conditions regarding the obligation to pay the purchase price in advance.

4.3.       In the case of cash payment or cash on delivery, the purchase price is payable upon receipt of the goods. In case of cashless payment, the purchase price is due within 7 days from the conclusion of the purchase contract.

4.4.       In the case of bank transfer, the buyer is obliged to pay the purchase price of the products together with the variable symbol of the payment. In the case of a cashless payment, the buyer's obligation to pay the purchase price is met when the relevant amount is credited to the seller's account.

4.5.       The Seller is entitled, especially if the Buyer fails to confirm the order additionally (art. 3.6), to request payment of the entire purchase price before sending the goods to the Buyer.

4.6.       Any discounts on the price of goods provided by the seller to the buyer cannot be combined.

If it is usual in business relations or if it is stipulated by generally binding legal regulations, the Seller shall issue to the Buyer a tax document - invoice regarding payments made under the purchase contract. The seller is a payer of value added tax. The tax document - invoice is issued by the seller to the buyer after payment of the price of the goods and sent in electronic form to the buyer's email address.


5.1.       If the mode of transport is negotiated on the basis of a special request of the buyer, the buyer bears the risk and possible additional costs associated with this mode of transport.

5.2.       If the seller is obliged to deliver the goods to the place specified by the buyer in the order under the purchase contract, the buyer is obliged to take over the goods upon delivery.

5.3.       In the event that due to reasons on the part of the Buyer it is necessary to deliver the goods repeatedly or in any other way than specified in the order, the Buyer is obliged to pay the costs associated with repeated delivery of the goods, respectively. costs associated with other delivery methods.

5.4.       When receiving the goods from the carrier, the buyer is obliged to check the integrity of the packaging of goods and in case of any defects notify the carrier immediately. In case of finding a breach of the package, which indicates unauthorized entry into the shipment, the buyer need not take the shipment from the carrier.

5.5.       Other rights and obligations of the parties in the carriage of goods may be governed by special delivery terms of the seller, if issued by the seller.


6.1.       The rights and obligations of the contracting parties regarding rights from defective performance are governed by the relevant generally binding legal regulations.

6.2.       The Seller is responsible to the Buyer that the goods are free from defects upon receipt. In particular, the seller is liable to the buyer at the time when the buyer took over the products:

6.2.1.    the goods have the properties agreed by the parties and, in the absence of an agreement, the goods described by the seller or the manufacturer or expected by the buyer with regard to the nature of the goods and the advertising carried out by them,

6.2.2.    the goods are fit for the purpose stated by the seller or for which goods of this kind are usually used,

6.2.3.    goods conform to the quality or design agreed upon sample or template, if the quality or design was determined according to the agreed sample or template,

6.2.4.    the goods are of an appropriate quantity, measure or weight, and

6.2.5.    the goods comply with legal requirements.

6.3.       The provisions referred to in art. 6.2 of the conditions shall not apply to products sold at a lower price for a defect for which the lower price was agreed, to wear of the goods caused by its normal use, by the buyer or if it results from the nature of the goods.

6.4.       If the defect becomes apparent within six months of receipt, the goods shall be deemed to have been defective at the time of receipt. The buyer is entitled to exercise the right from a defect that occurs in consumer goods within twenty-four months of receipt.

6.5.       Rights from defective performance are exercised by the Buyer at the Seller's address, where acceptance of the complaint is possible with respect to the assortment of goods sold, possibly also at the registered office or place of business.

6.6.       Other rights and obligations of the parties related to the seller's liability for defects may be regulated by the seller's complaints procedure.

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7.1.       The buyer acquires ownership of the goods by paying the full purchase price of the products.

7.4.       The seller is entitled to sell goods on the basis of a trade license. Trade control is carried out within the scope of its competence by the appropriate trade licensing office. Supervision of personal data protection is performed by the Office for Personal Data Protection.


8.1.       The protection of personal data is described in a separate declaration in accordance with GDPR:


9.1.   It may be delivered to the Buyer at the Buyer's email address.


10.1.   If the relationship established by the purchase agreement contains an international (foreign) element, then the parties agree that the relationship is governed by Czech law. This is without prejudice to consumer rights arising from generally binding legal regulations.

10.2.   If any provision of the Terms and Conditions is invalid or ineffective, or becomes, the invalid provision shall be replaced by a provision whose meaning is as close as possible to the invalid provision. The invalidity or ineffectiveness of one provision shall not affect the validity of the other provisions.

10.3.   The purchase contract, including the terms and conditions, is archived by the seller in electronic form and is not accessible.

10.4.   A standard form for withdrawal from the purchase contract is attached to the Terms and Conditions.

10.5.   Contact details of the seller: Argutec, s.r.o., Na Nivach 1339/4, Ostrava-Zabreh, 700 30, email, phone + 420 703 141 903.


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