Additional grooves

Additional grooves for a 29 x 44 mm camera.
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Additional extension

If you need to fit another camera and lens into our housing, we can additionally send you a profile extension with a seal and longer front screws.
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Cable gland

The standard is a nickel-brass M25 cable gland with an insert for 2 cables up to 6 mm. The cable itself is sometimes thicker, or you need to connect 3 cables to your camera. Then we have an insert for 3 cables up to 7mm. In addition, it is possible to supply a stainless steel cable gland or 90° corner cable gland made of polymer.
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Mounting kit

We will prepare the holes for the mounting plate according to your needs.
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Defrosting (soon)

We can supply covers together with glass defrosting.
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Camera size

Standard mounting plates are intended for cameras with a height of 28-30 mm. If you have a lower camera, we will add an additional flat profile under the camera. Or, on the contrary, we can mill the bottom and top mounting plates for up to 32 mm.
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Custom logo

We will be happy to prepare an enclosure with your logo. It is UV printing and logo printing is possible for orders +20 pieces.
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Back cap

The back bap can also be ordered without a hole for the cable gland, or with a hole other than just for the M25 cable gland, which we will drill for you.
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